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  Dispute Resolution

| April 13, 2015 04:36 pm

We advise and represent clients in dispute resolution, including arbitration, court procedures and out-of-court settlement. Our litigation lawyers are highly experienced and are always available to be engaged in:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Conciliation: arrangement of separate third-party reviews of our client’s and the opposing party’s concerns and legal claims to reach a proper solution.
  • Mediation: coordination of joint meetings with a recognized third-party to reach a non-binding mutually beneficial agreement.


  • Assisting in the review  and  negotiation  of  commercial  contracts,  where  a method of arbitration and location are determined (Arbitration Tribunal or ad hoc arbitration).
  • Initiation of and representation for the duration of domestic arbitration proceedings.
  • Support in the enforcement of foreign arbitration awards through petitioning Vietnamese courts for recognition of the award and permission for enforcement, notarizing proper legal documents, and submitting documentats to the relevant enforcement departments.


In cases where Alternative Dispute Resolution is not successful and Arbitration was not included in the underlying commercial contract, we can initiate and represent clients in litigation procedures through:

  • Petitioning the proper court of jurisdiction.
  • Submitting an initial statement of claims.
  • Participating in compulsory conciliation meetings.
  • Representing our client in a first instance hearing or any subsequent appeal.